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E-sites Caribbean 2018 Social Media Calendar

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The end of the first month of the year is already approaching, but we couldn’t resist giving you this: the one and only real LOCAL social events calendar!

By tapping into social events, you can increase brand engagement and encourage people to share your content or promote or celebrate a good cause. Make use of trending hashtags when you post about popular and current topics. If you do this well, your brand can become part of the conversation.

Use our 2018 calendar to plan your social media marketing strategy for this year. Make a good joke on World Laughter Day, give away a special Brothers & Sisters discount, or invite your customers to send their best sunglasses selfie on the Day of the Sunglasses.

This way you can be prepared and develop content that can be used during the year. Be creative and, above all, critical: don’t share content about topics that are completely irrelevant or a mismatch for your brand – that’s just plain annoying. Make sure that the topics and events fit well with your brand’s image.

We have made a selection of international, local, and lesser-known holidays and events. Put together in a nifty pdf, so you can hang it on a wall. 😊 I can’t wait to see all your creative content this year!

Be creative and, above all, critical with the content you post on social media

Denise York / Digital strategist