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Information main focus on the new Aqualectra website

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Last week we launched the new Aqualectra website! E-sites Caribbean developed the website and provided a complete re-design for the utility company.


Aqualectra is in the middle of a major innovation project called Program Reshaping Aqualectra (ProgResA) to develop into a company that is ready for the future in which energy is greener and more sustainable. The website plays a major role in this and is especially developed to provide information for customers. "The consumer of the future is different, he wants everything within reach and does not want to wait long," says Aqualectra.

New online functionalities

With a new, fresh, and clear layout, the website is designed entirely with the end user in mind. On the website, customers can now quickly find information about scheduled maintenance, switching activities, and current power outages. An extensive Frequently Asked Questions section has been added and various functionalities, such as submitting claims, are now available online. Thanks to the new water and electricity consumption calculator, the customer can easily calculate the expected monthly costs. The Pagatinu calculator has also been developed to support the customer in saving energy and costs.

Aqualectra website mock-ups

Extensive work has been done on the back-end: the website is connected to existing systems and the entire electricity grid of Curacao has been mapped. Through a link with Google Maps, customers can easily see when, where, and for how long planned activities and outages take place. The back-end of the website has been set up as much as possible so that Aqualectra can add new modules and functionalities in the course of time.


In preparation for the innovation project and further digitization of the utility company, the new website, which also contains a link to the new MiKuenta, is an important step for Aqualectra in further optimizing its services.


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