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Meet Maaike Vossebelt

Since January, there is a new face at E-sites Caribbean. Maaike is replacing Sharon of the Online Marketing team during her maternity leave.

Maaike has been on Curacao since October 2017, when she moved with her partner for a Caribbean adventure of at least three years. In the Netherlands she worked at the Dutch Police as Project Leader Social Media and Communication Consultant. She has been involved in, among other things, development of the profession, innovation, and the digitalization of society.

So, how did you end up at E-sites Caribbean?

Right after Hurricane Irma we (my partner and I) flew to Curacao to embark on a new adventure. I was actually planning to start a sabbatical, but I wanted to do something for the victims of Irma. That is how I ended up in the crisis team of the Representation of the Netherlands. We established a temporary flight connection between Curacao and Sint Maarten to transport relief workers and victims back and forth. We also transported many relief goods by plane and by boat. A month later, the Social Media Week took place on Curacao, where E-sites Caribbean presented their online communication project SXM Strong. Naturally, I was very interested so I attended the event! And that's how we met. When Sharon went on maternity leave, they contacted me and here I am!

What will your work entail?

My position at E-sites Caribbean is temporary. In these four months, of course, I would like to continue to serve our customers just as well as Sharon did with the team. At E-sites we love to gradually explore further Online Marketing possibilities for our customers. So, in 2018 we will continue to follow the latest trends and, of course, take action when this fits any online issues our customers are facing.

The Caribbean playing field is really different from the Dutch market. Needless to say, this requires a certain local flavor in all our approaches. Oh yes, we are also looking for another Online Marketeer to join our team. With so many nice existing and new customers and the great Curacao climate, I cant imagine a smart Online Marketer would pass up this opportunity! 😉