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Meet the new interns at E-sites Caribbean: Roberto & Tom

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There are two new faces at the office since September! Who are Tom and Roberto, and what will they be doing during their internships in Curacao?

Robert Geuke (21) is studying Computer Science at the Haagse Hogeschool and has come to Curacao for his graduation internship. In the coming months he will be our Back-end Development intern.

Tom Groeneveld (20) is a third-year student of Small Business & Retail Management at the Hogeschool Rotterdam. He has joined the Online Marketing department to do his internship.

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How did you end up in Curacao?

Roberto: "Through LinkedIn! I had indicated on my profile that I was looking for a graduation internship and was approached by the recruiter. She told me about the graduation opportunities at E-sites and also talked about working in Willemstad. I had not thought about Curacao before, but I started considering it a good option."

Tom: "I knew I wanted to do an internship in this region. First I looked at Surinam, and soon Curacao and Aruba followed. I actually googled online marketing internships, and that is how I found E-sites Caribbean. What I immediately liked about E-sites Caribbean was that they also do web development. Eventually, I would like to set up a webshop together with my brother, and this seemed like a good learning opportunity. "

What will you be doing at E-sites Caribbean?

Roberto: "E-sites Caribbean carries out website checks for prospects and existing clients. The websites are tested on Key Performance Indicators showing how good a website actually performs. A part of this is the online findability of the website. A large part of this can be automated, and I'm going to work on this in the following months!"

Tom: "I'm going to support the Online Marketing team with their daily work. For instance, I will be creating content for many clients in the region. I am also working on a research project for my internship. I will be analyzing the 'online marketing climate' in the Caribbean, and I hope to be able to give good advice at the end of my internship."

First impressions so far?

Roberto: "The food here is delicious and eating out is actually not that much more expensive than doing groceries. It’s not uncommon for me to have three nice hot meals in a day: for lunch, dinner, and late at night at the truk'i pan [a local food truck] after going out. "

Tom: "The snorkeling is really great! On weekends we often discover new beaches. It really is a tropical island, but there are a lot of Dutch people."

And, what else is on your Caribbean bucket list?

Tom: "I still want to get my PADI and definitely visit Little Curacao!"

Roberto: "Little Curacao! And maybe also play golf at Santa Barbara Beach."