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A week in the life of Online Marketing intern Tom

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At E-sites Caribbean, no day is the same. As an Online Marketing intern, every day different tasks have to be fulfilled. In this blog Ill give you an impression of what a typical week during my internship at E-sites Caribbean looks like.

A week in the life


Monday, the start of a new week. On this day I learned something new: how to create remarketing lists and use them for new campaigns. With remarketing you can target people that have previously visited your website. With use of display advertisements the goal is to get them to revisit the website and make a purchase or another conversion, such as registering for something.

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The monthly meeting of the Online Marketing team. During this meeting we talk about important information about clients, new innovations, and other aspects that are relevant to our work. We evaluate the previous month and discuss whats on the agenda for the upcoming month. During last months meeting, everyone received the assignment to come up with a new idea for Online Marketing. I came up with the idea to use WhatsApp for clients, and the team thought it was interesting. That is why this time I was asked to give a small presentation during the team meeting with more information on the subject.

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Today we had a nice surprise at the office. It was the birthday of three colleagues and as a treat they handed out a tasty snack: a pastechi. This is a typical Antillean snack that consists of dough filled with cheese, chicken, vegetables, or fish. Even after being on Curacao for 4 months already, it was the first time I tasted a pastechi. The first of many more to come, I think, because it tasted delicious!

Pastechi, a typical Antillean snack


On this Thursday I didnt really do anything special besides my daily tasks regarding SEO, SEA, and Facebook. In the morning, like every other day, we held the stand-up meeting. In a stand-up, everyone tells what he or she has accomplished the day before and what he or she wants to achieve today. I really enjoy these meetings because it gives you a good idea of what everyone is doing that day. This way it is easier to assist each other when needed.

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Its the last Friday before Christmas and the time has come to discuss the past year and announce the goals for the coming year. I found this very interesting because I got a look at the financial side of the company and what the business goals are the year to follow. The entire team of E-sites Caribbean was present at this meeting. To kick off the meeting, two colleagues developed a great pop quiz and asked me to host it. I found out that our developers have already created 81 websites and that the staircase counts no less than 22 steps from the bottom to the top.

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