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The power of digital: the new Aqualectra website

Case detail

The briefing

Everyone on Curacao is a customer of Aqualectra. That’s because Aqualectra is the sole supplier of water and energy to more than 72,000 households and companies on the island. The company is in the midst of a big transformation to become the "Utility Company of the Future". Aqualectra is bringing state-of-the-art technology to the production and distribution of its products and services. The company was up against a challenge: it was trying hard to keep up with the demands of the public in the digital age and needed to upgrade its digital customer experience.

Digital customer experience

The company wanted to direct more consumers to the website for information instead of the office branches. Together we reimagined a digital experience that could deliver a new way for consumers to experience the new Aqualectra of the Future. Our team transformed the corporate website into a mobile-first digital experience. The strategy relied on connecting with consumers in a transparent manner with a newly focused online experience.

With a dedicated client product owner a project takes giant leaps forward

Joris van Summeren / Technical director

Analyze this

We started off by bringing both teams together for an intense interactive sprint focused on getting to the core of the task at hand. How can we ensure the most value for their money? During this first sprint, we analyzed all the wishes and were able to combine the requirements of Aqualectra with the experience of our E-sites Caribbean team. The result? A premium website that provides quick access to updates on scheduled maintenance, current power outages, or other interrupting activities.

Aqualectra website mock up

We knew we wanted to develop features on the website that were of added value to the consumer. With that in mind, we developed various functionalities such as submitting claims and complaints, services that previously were only available offline. A cost calculator lets consumers calculate their estimated energy consumption based on their home appliances. An extensive Frequently Asked Questions section was added so that consumers can find answers to recurring questions quickly.  

Having an equally dedicated product owner on the client side proved to be a valuable asset for the project. This created action and effectiveness, and meant that we could make considerable steps and move forward. In the end, we found new ways for Aqualectra to connect with their consumers.

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