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Digital marketing takes flight for Surinam Airways

Case detail

The briefing

Surinam Airways connects many Surinamese families across continents with their homeland. They fly to several destinations in the region as well as directly to the Netherlands. With their slogan “Flying on Trusted Wings”, Surinam Airways (or SLM) had been doing so for over 50 years. Having recently invested in a new online booking engine, they were eager to see this translated into new sales and bookings. SLM turned to E-sites Caribbean to guide them through a new insights-driven strategy. When we first came on board, we immediately brought e-commerce tracking and powerful online marketing into the mix.

Connect the dots

We started off by diving into the platform. We wanted to help SLM unlock the full potential of their new booking engine by utilizing the data to discover opportunities for how and when to connect with travelers. By analyzing all the data in the booking engine, we were able to gather valuable information on audience behavior. This enabled us to really connect the dots and create specific campaigns for target audiences.

We helped unlock the full potential of their booking engine

Sharon Lieuw-Sjong / Commercial & operations manager

Next it was time to focus our attention to online marketing. Once we better understood how SLM’s audiences connect with the company and book their tickets, we broke the audiences into several segments and created corresponding funnels. We crafted several new content campaigns and sponsored content that directly spoke to their needs. Previously, SLM did not use the full potential of online marketing. By introducing a marketing mix of SEA and Display combined with online engagement on social media, we increased their brand awareness. Additionally, this resulted in an increase in traffic to their website and their booking engine.

The biggest achievement of this project so far is that we’ve been able to make the ROI for SLM evident. Thanks to the implementation of e-commerce tracking it is now possible to better measure generated revenue from online bookings. The data helped to elevate SLM’s team insights into real audience behavior and their purchases. Now they know exactly how to act on this information and adjust advertisement spending accordingly.

Leveraging the power of data and increasing their online presence, introduced SLM to a new approach to advertising that drives growth and a positive outcome.