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A comprehensive website for one great, big company

Case detail

The brainteaser

Imagine your business consists of 13 companies, offers 9 wide-ranging services, sells more than 20,000 products, and you have to put it all in one website. What would you do? This was the challenge Kuldipsingh faced, and we couldn’t wait to sink our teeth in it. The process was not only very interesting, we also developed a partnership we are proud of.

One great, big company

Kuldipsingh is the leading supplier of high-quality building materials and building-related services in Surinam. The organization has a workforce of 900 employees, consisting of specialist teams, qualified staff, and collaborations with other companies.

Safety and quality are two of Kuldipsingh's most important aspects as they offer multiple services: for construction, engineering, infrastructure, oilfield services, heavy-duty equipment rentals, port services, secure money transports, and even money transports and exchange. The size of the company is enormous, all these services not only make the company a big and special one, it also makes it very interesting to develop a website where all the pieces come together in a visually attractive design.

It was important that the website was clear and comprehensible for businesses as well as individual customers. The 13 subdivisions had to be presented and recognized separately. At the same time, it was important that they all came across as one company.

Proud to be a partner of Kuldipsingh

Michella Weverink / Product owner
A comprehensive website for one great, big company

Starting with a blank canvas

We designed the website from scratch. A clear information structure became the basis for a comprehensive website. The website was catered to meet the demands of diverse target groups and to achieve different goals. In order to incorporate our clients’ wishes in the design as efficient and attractive as possible, we advised on the technical and practical implementation of the different functionalities.

Next to web development, E-sites Caribbean also provides Online Marketing services for Kuldipsingh. This combination has proven to be very effective, as we work together to turn goals into reality. It not only makes the process a lot more efficient, but it also enables a seamless connection between the website and social media.

A comprehensive website for one great, big company


As a leading company in Surinam, Kuldipsingh always strives for innovation, online as well as offline. We worked step-by-step, in close collaboration with our client. The project became better and better as we constantly exchanged ideas to create new features. All with the same end goal: to create as much value for customers as possible.

Michella: “A real partnership has grown as we meet every week to discuss the developments and other opportunities.” We are proud of this collaboration as we continue to innovate for Kuldipsingh.